Në kuti të përshtatshme me 25 zarfe, “Portioli pods” janë zgjidhje për një espresso me kualitet profesional edhe në zyrën apo shtëpinë tuaj. Ato ofrojnë shijen më të mirë me makinat e kafes Vera Gime.
Janë në dispozicion në 4 alternativa :

Espresso decaffeinato filter

A long time studied blend in order not to give up the quality and the traditional tase.
The result is an espresso coffee of high quality and a blen whisch retains the quality of a normal espresso but with a very low content of caffeine.

Gran Miscelo Filtra

Exclusively select coffees of pure Arabica has been blended.
An alternative to the "American Coffee".

Caffe Top

This blend has been composed by beans of the best coffee from center and south America, selected to offer an Espresso rich of flavours and aromatic.

Caffe Espresso

Blend relized with selected coffees which contains all the italian passion for the Espresso.
A very special cup.

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